Wednesday, September 20, 2023

What is Highlighter in 'Analysis' in Tableau?

 In Tableau, you can achieve highlighting and interactivity in your visualizations using various techniques, such as the following:

1.Highlight Actions:

 Tableau allows you to create highlight actions, which enable users to select data points in one visualization, and the selected data points are highlighted in other related visualizations. This interaction helps users explore data relationships and spot patterns more easily.

2.Tooltip Interactivity: 

Tooltips are used to display additional information when users hover over data points in a visualization. You can customize tooltips to show relevant details, which can act as a form of highlighting when users interact with your charts.

3.Dashboard Interactivity:

 By creating dashboards in Tableau, you can combine multiple visualizations and controls on a single canvas. Users can interact with filters, parameters, and actions on the dashboard to highlight specific data or explore different aspects of your dataset.

4.Set Actions: 

Set actions allow you to create dynamic sets based on user interactions. When a user selects data points in one visualization, you can use a set action to update other visualizations to highlight or filter related data.

5.Parameter Actions: 

Parameter actions enable users to change parameter values by interacting with a visualization. You can use parameters to control various aspects of your visualizations and provide an interactive experience.

Table Calculation Highlighting: Table calculations can be used to highlight specific data points or create dynamic aggregations based on user interactions. For example, you can use table calculations to highlight the highest or lowest values in a chart.

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