Saturday, June 17, 2023

What’s the difference between a worksheet, dashboard, story, and a workbook in Tableau?

 In Tableau, a worksheet, dashboard, story, and workbook are different components used for data visualization and analysis. Here's an explanation of each component and their differences:


  • A worksheet is the basic building block of analysis in Tableau.
  • It represents a single view or visualization of data.
  • In a worksheet, you can create charts, graphs, tables, and other visualizations based on your data.
  • Worksheets allow you to perform data exploration, apply filters, calculations, and customize the visual representation of data.


  • A dashboard in Tableau is a collection of multiple worksheets or views displayed together on a single canvas.
  • It provides a consolidated view of different visualizations and allows you to compare and analyze data from various angles.
  • Dashboards enable you to create interactive and dynamic presentations by adding filters, actions, and other interactivity.
  • You can arrange and resize worksheets within a dashboard to create a visually appealing and informative layout.


  • A story in Tableau is a sequence of visualizations or dashboards that are arranged in a specific order to tell a data-driven narrative or communicate insights.
  • It allows you to create a guided tour or presentation by combining multiple worksheets or dashboards.
  • Stories enable you to present a logical flow of information, add annotations, descriptions, and create a storytelling experience for your audience.
  • You can control the sequence, pacing, and navigation within a story to convey a coherent message or analysis.


  • A workbook in Tableau is a file that contains one or more worksheets, dashboards, and stories.
  • It serves as a container for organizing and managing your visualizations and analysis.
  • Workbooks store the data connections, metadata, calculations, and other settings related to your analysis.
  • You can save and share workbooks with others, publish them to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, or export them in various file formats.

In summary, a worksheet is a single view or visualization, a dashboard is a collection of multiple views, a story is a sequence of visualizations arranged to tell a narrative, and a workbook is a container that holds one or more worksheets, dashboards, and stories. Each component serves a different purpose in analyzing, presenting, and sharing data in Tableau.

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