Thursday, September 14, 2023

How to Reveal Hidden Data in 'Analysis' in Tableau?

 In Tableau, if you have hidden data in your analysis and you want to unhide or reveal it, you can typically do so by adjusting the filters, actions, or parameters that control the visibility of the data. Here are steps to unhide hidden data in Tableau:

1.Adjust Filters:

  • If you have applied filters to your visualization and certain data points are hidden because they don't meet the filter criteria, you can unhide them by adjusting the filter settings.

        a. In the worksheet, locate the filter control that is affecting the data visibility. It may be in the                     Filters Shelf or a Quick Filter control.

        b. Modify the filter settings by changing filter conditions, values, or date ranges to include the data             you want to reveal.

        c. Apply the modified filter by clicking the "Apply" button or selecting the relevant options                      depending on the filter type.

  • This will update the visualization to include the previously hidden data points based on the adjusted filter criteria.

2.Modify Filter Actions:

  • If you have filter actions set up to control data visibility between different charts or dashboards, you can modify the actions to ensure that hidden data is revealed.

           a. Go to the "Dashboard" tab if you're working with a dashboard.

           b. Select "Actions" to view the list of filter actions.

          c. Edit the relevant filter action that controls data visibility.

          d. Adjust the source and target sheets and ensure that the filter action is configured to show the                     desired data.

  • Save your changes, and when you interact with the dashboard or visualization, the previously hidden data should be revealed according to the updated filter actions.

3.Change Parameter Selections:

  • If you're using parameters to control data visibility, you can change the parameter selections to unhide data.

            a. Locate the parameter control in your worksheet or dashboard.

            b. Adjust the parameter selection to include the data you want to reveal.

  • This will update the visualization to reflect the newly selected parameter value and reveal previously hidden data.

4.Remove Highlights or Selections:

  • If you have applied highlights or selections to specific data points in your visualization, you can remove these selections to unhide the data.

       a. Click on the highlighted or selected data points to deselect them.

       b. The visualization should revert to its original state, displaying all data points.

5.Review Custom Calculations:

  • If you have used custom calculations or conditions to hide data, review and adjust these calculations to ensure they don't hide the data you want to reveal.

6.Undo Annotations or Comments:

  • If you've added annotations or comments that obscure data points, you can remove or edit these annotations to reveal the underlying data.

By following these steps, you should be able to unhide hidden data in your Tableau analysis, allowing you to see the data that was previously concealed based on filter conditions, actions, or other parameters. The specific method you use will depend on how the data was originally hidden in your visualization.

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