Monday, June 12, 2023

What are the Different Data Types in Tableau

 Tableau supports a variety of data types to accommodate different types of data and enable accurate analysis and visualization. The supported data types in Tableau include:


 Represents textual or alphanumeric data, such as names, addresses, or descriptions.


 Represents whole numbers without decimal places. Integer data types are used for counting, indexing, or any situation where only whole numbers are relevant.


 Represents logical values, such as true or false, to indicate binary conditions or states.


Represents dates, times, or both. Tableau provides separate data types for dates and times to facilitate accurate date-based calculations and visualizations.

5.Date and Time with Time Zone

 Represents date and time values with associated time zones. This data type is useful when dealing with data from multiple time zones.


Represents spatial data, such as latitude and longitude coordinates, or specific geographies like countries or regions. Tableau provides built-in support for mapping and analyzing geographic data.

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