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URL navigation in a Tableau Dashboard

 URL navigation in a Tableau dashboard allows users to navigate to external web pages or other dashboards by clicking on specific data points or dashboard elements. It provides a way to integrate Tableau with external resources and create a seamless user experience. Here's how you can implement URL navigation in a Tableau dashboard:

  • Identify the URL Field:

Identify the field in your data source that contains the URLs or the web addresses you want to navigate to. This could be a specific column that stores the URLs as text.

  • Create a Worksheet or Visualization:

Build a worksheet or visualization that includes the data points or elements that will act as the clickable links. This can be a chart, table, or any other visual representation of your data.

  • Add the URL Field to the Worksheet:

Drag and drop the URL field onto the worksheet, associating it with the relevant data points or elements. This will assign the corresponding URLs to the specific data points.

  • Format the URL Field:

Format the URL field as a hyperlink in Tableau by right-clicking on the field and selecting "Format".

In the Format dialog box, choose the "Hyperlink" option and specify the display text for the hyperlink if needed.

  • Enable URL Actions:

Open the Dashboard pane in Tableau and select "Actions" from the top menu.

Click on "Add Action" and choose "URL" as the action type.

  • Configure the URL Action:

In the URL Action dialog box, provide a name for the action.

Select the worksheet or dashboard element that will trigger the action (e.g., a specific chart or a text object).

Choose the "Go to URL" option as the action.

Specify the URL field to be used for navigation.

  • Customize URL Parameters (Optional):

If your URLs require additional parameters or dynamic values, you can include them by using Tableau parameters or other calculated fields.

Configure the URL action to append the necessary parameters to the base URL.

  • Test and Publish the Dashboard:

Test the URL navigation functionality within Tableau to ensure that clicking on the specified elements takes you to the desired web pages.

Publish the dashboard to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, making it available to the intended audience.

By implementing URL navigation in your Tableau dashboard, you can provide users with the ability to explore external resources or drill down into more detailed information related to the data, enhancing their analytical experience and enabling seamless integration with other tools or web content.

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